THERE have been so many defining moments in the history of Rock Church – moving to Pt. Loma, launching new campuses, expanding outreach ministries, and most importantlyhelping thousands of people find faith in Christ and continue to grow in their relationship with Him. As you think back on your time here at the Rock, you could probably identify a few of your own personal “defining moments,” something you remember that positively and permanently impacted your life.

ALL IN is another such opportunity for a defining moment in the growing history of our church. It is our all-out effort to have an even bigger impact than we’ve ever had before. It is an opportunity like no other – to reach more people, impact more lives, and ultimately do more for His Kingdom.

Over the next two years, the Rock has set the goal of investing $75 million for operational needs, new outreach opportunities and additional campus growth. This will allow us to spread Pervasive Hope like never before and fulfill our mission to Save, Equip, and Send.

So how can you be ALL IN?